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About Us

Inca Group is a well-established intelligence and security consulting agency operating worldwide and headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Boasting a comprehensive network of global connections and decades of experience in the field, Inca Group has the expertise to accomplish any goal. The agency provides a full range of intelligence services, advanced technologies, security consultancy & field operations, and special trainings, all custom-tailored to suit the specific needs of each of our clients.


One of the agency's unique advantages is its multi-national and multi-sectorial footing. Due to decades of global outreach our experts come from a variety of regions, industries and disciplines.


Inca Group's management team is comprised of highly experienced professionals in the fields of information gathering, intelligence analysis, safety & security, IT, engineering, law and economics. Our teams have extensive global experience in working with sensitive information in complex environments solving multidimensional tasks. We know how to leverage our staff member's diverse backgrounds and unique skills, perceptions, resources and languages, creating a synergy for mastering any challenge faced.


Inca Group adheres to the highest standards of privacy. In addition, we maintain close communication with our clients, ensuring full customer satisfaction and optimal results. Attaining the highest criteria of professionalism we provide a full range of creative intelligence & strategic guidance, security consultancy, innovative technologies and special trainings to clients in the private and public sector, serving individuals, corporations, institutions and governments - worldwide. 


For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact us at:

what we do

What We Do?

INCA Intel

The Decision-Maker's Tool

Understanding your surrounding, background, position and the role of each player is of essence in today's business environment. Strategic intelligence gathering has grown increasingly complex in the modern global market. With its proven work methods and unique access to a variety of databases and sources Inca Intel offers in-depth, high-quality and useful intelligence of your targets of interest, be it for private, business or governmental purposes. We are here to guide you, help you generate new opportunities and obtain a competitive advantage over your opponents by gathering and analysing valuable information of the target of your choice, ensuring that you will always be one step ahead.



House of Technologies

In order to address its challenges and achieve its goals Inca Tech relies on the cutting-edge technological know-how the market has to offer. Our portfolio covers a wide spectrum of fields in which we rely upon market-leading technologies. Besides providing consultancy for clients we consult companies in their product development in order to maximize their market-relevance.



Secure Your Assets

In today’s volatile global environment, in which violence, crime or acts of terrorism have become frequent occurrences, Safety & Security are of quintessential importance for any private and public life. Effectively countering terrorism goes much deeper than the observable security checks. It involves behind-the-scenes security processes (often underpinned by technology) and other operations. Inca Sec is dedicated to providing cutting edge, comprehensive and cost-effective security solutions, guaranteeing a daily routine free of concerns at the work-place and at home. In order to protect individuals, groups, properties or the state-infrastructures against all types of threats, we provide risk analysis, investigations, security consulting and solutions to meet any challenge.


INCA Train

Optimise Your Skills

​The rise in global insecurity and acts of terrorism can have a significant impact on local or personal affairs, safety and well-being. Inca Train provides all types of trainings for governmental, civilian and private actors. We teach newly established forces all necessary knowledge and competencies to become effective units or upgrade existing ones, always achieving the performance specified by our clients. In our programs we provide technological know-how, develop leadership expertise and offer classes in strategy and tactics, in addition to achieving the required physical skills - always tailor-made for each challenge. Our customers range from militaries and law enforcement entities to banks, hotels, corporations and individuals.


INCA Cyber

Your Cyber-Shield

In today's increasingly digitized world, organisations are facing growing threats and risks. Networks and highly sensitive information that is stored in the virtual sphere are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks, therefore, it is of paramount importance to be prepared in advance and keep it safe and secure. Our mission is to protect your organisation from existing and evolving threats, by providing technological know-how and tailor-made solutions.



Defy Your Obstacles



HQ: Tel- Aviv 

49 Basel Street

+972 (0)3 5705870


50 Jermyn street 

+44 (0)20 70480585

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